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Dentascanning offers your doctor or dentist an enhanced view of your jaw beyond traditional x- rays. Using Simplant technology, Norwalk Radiology is the
only site in Fairfield County to provide
3-dimensional color scans.

Dentascan, Dentascanning, jaw scan, mouth scan

CT dental scanning is an integral part of obtaining measurements and planning for implant surgery. A preoperative Dentascan provides detailed images of the upper and/or lower jaw, as well as an accurate assessment of bone thickness and implant site density. The precise cross-sectional images help your dental specialist avoid nerves in the area, which prevents any painful surprises during surgery.

GE Dentascans from Norwalk Radiology are available through either conventional 2-dimensional CT imagery or through SimPlant, which provides 3-dimensional color scans. Norwalk Radiology is the only SimPlant master site in Fairfield County. To make our service convenient, no appointment is necessary; we welcome walk-in patients for either format of Dentascan.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dentascanning

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