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Screening Exams

Has your doctor prescribed a CT scan (a.k.a. CAT scan)? Norwalk Radiology & Mammography Center offers Fairfield County's most advanced CT scans.

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Utilizing cutting edge CT "spiral" technology, we provide a full spectrum of CT imaging examinations. The Radiologist plans each examination based upon the individual patient’s medical needs. The Radiologist monitors the exam, and reviews the study for completeness before the patient leaves the Center. When contrast is needed, we use only non-ionic intravenous contrast for patient safety. Our computer linked teleradiology system allows for images to be sent to and from the Norwalk Hospital for comparison with prior exams or for clinical staff review.

CT Colonography

Norwalk Radiology & Mammography Center offers Virtual Colonoscopy to test for colorectal cancer. It is a method used to detect lesions and polyps in the colon. Virtual Colonoscopy relies on advanced CT scanners for imaging and sophisticated imaging techniques to generate 3-D reconstruction of the colon which is evaluated by our radiologists.

Virtual colonoscopy is a noninvasive, painless exam that is performed in a number of situations where traditional colonoscopy is contraindicated. It is also an excellent alternative for those who do not want to undergo a traditional colonoscopy.

A 24-hour preparation is required to cleanse the bowel of stool and excess fluid. Patients need to arrive at Norwalk Radiology 15 minutes before their scheduled appointment.  

Patients are brought into the CT scan examination room. At the start of the virtual colonoscopy a small tube is inserted into the rectum to fill the colon with air. This may cause mild discomfort or cramping in the lower abdominal area. The CT scan is performed with the patient lying comfortably. The entire procedure takes approximately 20 minutes. Since no sedation is required, patients can leave immediately afterwards. There is no recovery or observation period following the exam and patients can resume the daily activity.

Patients should discuss virtual colonoscopy with their referring physician. Please call us at 203-838-4886 for an appointment or if you need any additional information.

Frequently Asked Questions about Computed Tomography-CT

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